Wig stand

fits any wigs and perfect for trimming and styling

price: $8


Brand new wig caps for sale

Price: $2.50

Includes postage to stated address,
Meetups available for purchase of 5 wig caps and above
Not responsible for any lost mails (return address will be written behind all envelopes)Payment by Bank transfer, if unable to do bank transfer, meet up only at lakeside MRT




Alto Saotome wig

Price : $50

Condition: 8/10



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36 Responses to “Wigs”

  1. mayo

    hi im interested in the finian wig..
    can u arrange a meet up before 20th feb?
    i will go to ur convenience

    • xbrenhimex

      hi! erm, is meeting up at boonlay MRT after 12.30 on 17th Feb okay for you? πŸ™‚

  2. mayo

    yap sure..ei i come around 4.30pm isit okay?

  3. nat

    could you send me pictures of the short blonde wig?

    thank you (:

  4. nat

    i’m still interested (:

    • nicolekhong

      pic up!

  5. Yuuki005

    this is yuuki005 of sgcafe
    just wondering if the len wig is still available
    i really want to buy it.
    nicky pmed me about it.
    and i want to know the shipping to philippines
    since she said she can ship out of sg ^_^

    • xbrenhimex

      hello, I apologize for our late replies as its examination time now and its quite an important exam for us. I will remind Nicky to check the shipping. how would you be paying us btw? πŸ™‚

      • Yuuki005

        hi ^^
        paypal. already got the invoice.
        just waiting for my friend to send it for me
        using her account.
        But im pretty sure in buying it already ^_^
        thank you for bearing with my questions in the forum ^^;;

  6. Nana

    Hey, um can you send me the side and back view picture of len’s wig?
    (I don’t see a pony tail @_@ )

    • xbrenhimex

      hello πŸ™‚ it is unstyled means that you would have to tie the ponytail on yourself.

  7. Nessa

    interested in the wig stand , when can you meet ?

    • xbrenhimex

      hello ,
      when would you be free to meet? πŸ™‚
      I’m free to meet anytime from wed to sat πŸ™‚

      • Nessa

        hmm .. are you free on der 18th ?

  8. Nessa

    are you free next week ?

    • nicolekhong

      hi! sms me at 94566401. Im free next week to meet up with u. Thanks! ^.^

  9. Vinny

    interested in Rin wig . Why is it 9/10 not 10/10 ? Can see picture owo ?

    • xbrenhimex

      because I have used it twice. and no matter how I maintain it, it is still used already. however, it is smooth and there are no tangles.
      the picture is to be updated.

  10. booooo

    int in ur wig stand & wig cap . Mail me. Is it brandnew?(wigstand)

    • nicolekhong

      hi, yes everything is brand new (:

  11. Mira

    Hi ^ ^ im interesed in the BRS Rin wig and the Sandplay Rin wig…
    i need the sandplay wig quite urgently > <
    may i ask whether the back of the BRS Rin wig is thick enough to style shorter?
    thank you~ ^ ^

    • xbrenhimex

      hello πŸ™‚ we would need your address (if you are overseas) to send it to you.
      the BRS rin wig is actually quite thick. and should be able to be styled accordingly πŸ™‚


      • Mira

        im in singapore ^ ^ i will get both wigs!
        is it ok for meetup?
        you can get me at 98281386

  12. Anonymous

    […] […]

  13. Simone

    Hello(: I’m rather interested in the bakura wig but I’m quite out of money at the moment D: I will check back with you when I save up enough. Is it possible to get a discount?

    • nicolekhong

      Hi! its the cheapest we can offer >< sorry!

      • Simone

        Oh, that’s too bad then(: If I get it with the ring, can I get a package deal? Hahaha jk. I’m interested in getting a wig cap too. I’ll confirm with you when I have the money on hand(:

    • nicolekhong

      hello~ u can email us she owns the bakura set ^_^

  14. Aya

    Hi,may i know what brand is the BLONDE LONG WIG?

    • nicolekhong

      Hi, it is from kucos (:

  15. mika

    hi is your Kaito – $25 still for sales?? πŸ˜€
    can sms me at 93382818 πŸ˜€

  16. Riverz


    I wanted to ask you where did you get your Bakura wig? And also what brand is it?

    • nicolekhong

      Hi! the bakura wig belongs to ningx, email her
      she could tell u the details

  17. PakaX

    Hi !
    Is the Bakura wig still available?

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