Magnet Headphones [[sold]] – available for commission in all colours



used once for mini shoot

light sticks not included because there is no more light.

price: $15 each

gakupo x kaito headphone set $25 for both

Kagamine Len’s Piano [ON HOLD]SOLD

Piano: $50

Buy with costume set: $115

ranmao weapons

Weapons : $40 for both

Buy with Ranmao set : 120

condition : 8/10 (a small chip at one but is not noticeable)


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4 Responses to “Props”

  1. flyingcarrots

    eto~ your magnet headphones are already sold right?? TT

    • nicolekhong

      hi yes they are all sold >< sorry!

  2. Gunji★

    they’re already sold? but they can be commissioned right?

    • nicolekhong

      hi, sorry to imform u but we are closing commissions now because school is starting in a few days. sorry about that!

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