this page includes all the miscelleneous stuff that has accumulated (eg , parts of the costumes/extra bits and pieces)

Maroon Stockings

picture TBU.

condition : 10/10

have never worn before. taken out of packaging to look.

price : $9


buckle type, just below knee

condition 9/10

Price $50

(the one that KAITO is wearing)


BLACK Jrock boots with metal studs on it

(soft leather and below knee length)

worn only ONCE

condition 9.5/10 (original shoe box included)

price – $55



GEO LENS (yearly)

Honey Brown x2

1 pair is 550 degrees and the other pair is 300 degrees

Violet x1

550 degrees

(never been used)

one pair for $25


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4 Responses to “Miscelleneous”

  1. Ray

    When is the black platform boots reserved until?:)

  2. Alnette

    Black Platform Boots still reserved?
    If available for purchase, could you let me know what size it fits?
    Really interested.
    Lol, but not sure if it fits me. x_x;
    Lmk again. Thank you!

    • xbrenhimex

      hi, the black platforms are sold just recently
      so sorry!


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