this page is for Lolita, and punk items. but there will be more lolita items on sale *w*

do check it out!

Item 4

Bodyline blouse


worn a number of times

price – $10

Item 6

Karami three stages skirt

Original Stock Picture:

Proof of ownership:
Available upon request

Price: $185

Item 7

punk shirt

worn once for trying only

(colour is kinda inaccurate cos the lighting in my room is pretty bad )

price – $10

Item 8

blackxwhite lolita

price : $80

(arm warmers not included)

Item 1: SOLD
Bunny ear cardigan with heart lace
(Off White)

Original Stock Picture:

Proof of ownership:
Available upon request

Price: $85

Item 2: SOLD

Anna House

product number : 015-1104

Hime Loli dress 🙂

(pink & white)


The dress :

proof of ownership :

available upon request 🙂

PRICE $200 $140 $100 (RESERVED)

Item 3 SOLD

Body line bunny cardigan


worn a number of times

since I worn it a number of times and the wool part is a bit dirtied(will wash before passing to buyer)

price – $15

Item 5

punk set


includes shirt and skirt

(bow, chains and arm warmers not included)

price – $40 15 (shirt and skirt)


shirt – $25 20 10

skirt – $20 10


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8 Responses to “LOLITA/punk”

  1. x

    Can I have these measurements for items 4 & 7?

    pit-to-pit, waist, width at collar, width at upper-arm

    I might not come back to this site again, please email zxstarlitezxz at gmail dot com

    thank you! :3

    • xbrenhimex

      hi, I’m really sorry for the late reply.
      both are free size so they might fit XS-M people
      The bosyline blouse has a really long ribbon to adjust it.

  2. chibichan

    is there any other pictures for the white blouse of someone wearing it?

    • xbrenhimex

      hello! sorry for the late reply. I don’t have a picture of someone wearing the blouse though.
      sorry! 🙂

      • chibichan

        oh okay. coz’ can’t really see how it’s worn. from where it is, looks like the ribbons are broken hahas. o.o

      • xbrenhimex

        its not broken XD. the ribbon has ‘blend’ into the top. cos they are both white. the ribbon is actually super long. but I haven’t cut it. so its at the original length as when I bought it.

  3. satoruchan

    do you have a clearer picture of the black and white lolita?

    • nicolekhong

      Hi! you could email for the details =D sorry for the inconvenience as i am the blog admin but currently overseas.

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