Rei Ayanami

Includes: inner dress, jacket, Hat

Condition: 9/10

Costume: $80 40



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39 Responses to “Costume”

  1. huimei

    The ranmao set is for wat size?

  2. Melissa

    i’m interested in the maylene outfit, do u ship to Australia?

    • nicolekhong

      we will check out the shipping price sending by DHL. will contact u within this few days.. shipping will be added to total price (:

    • nicolekhong

      Hi are u still interested in the maylene costume?

  3. cheryl-xin

    hi im interested in the fate of rebrith costume. may i know what is the measurement for all three, len kaito and gakupo. and is the wig included?

    • xbrenhimex

      Len (costume loose for cosplayer)
      height 158cm
      chest 84
      Waist 68
      Hips 85

      Kaito (Top and coat almost free size, Pants slightly loose)
      Height 159cm
      Chest 86
      Waist 68
      Hips 86

      Gakupo (costume just right, Top almost free size)
      Height 173cm
      Chest 92
      Waist 75
      Hips 85

      and it doesn’t come with the wigs :). sorry.


  4. la

    Do you sell the Alto SMS jacket by itself?

    • Nicole

      Hi! we don sell it separately but if u are really interested we can sell it to u at a lower price becos the cosplayer has no use for the pants by itself >< hope u can understand! =D

      • la

        Thank you for your response~~
        Ahhh that’s understandable 🙂
        How much are you thinking you would you sell it for? :0

      • nicolekhong

        it would be $80 w/o the wig… $10 off original price.. but hope that u would consider getting it with the wig though..

        yeah sure just leave us a comment when u r ready! =D

      • la

        Cool 🙂 I’ll make sure to drop off a comment here when I can. And I think I would get it with the wig (even though I do have an Alto wig already) but will use it for another character since it’s a lovely colour. *o*

        I’m interested in the Sandplay gloves ($3). How many pairs are there? *needs 2 pairs*
        How much would shipping to England, UK be?

        Thank you

      • nicolekhong

        mm i’ll be using the singpost air delivery… the rate is shown here

        i cant gv u an exact shipping amount becos i need to check the total weight of the envelope + the gloves or with the costume if u wan them to be shipped together (:

        will send the original shipping receipt to u as well (:

    • nicolekhong


      if u could get the whole set with the wig(original price $50) , we can sell it to you whole set of costume + wig at $110.. (:

      • la

        Oooo that sounds awesome *o*
        Unfortunately, I won’t be getting any money soon :/ But I’ll visit this site again ASAP when I do. 🙂

        Out of random curiosity, how much would it be without the wig/just the costume?

  5. cheryl-xin

    hi again~
    may i know the measurements for Sandplay of the singing dragon kaito ?

    • nicolekhong



      Chest: 90
      Waist: 80
      Hips: 94

      the plain long black pants is not included

      • cheryl-xin

        ok then the black pants can use any black pants ?

        can reserve it for me? =D

    • nicolekhong

      yeah! its just a normal plain black pants (:

      yeah i can reserve for u ^^ just msg us when u r rdy! (:

      • cheryl-xin

        hi^^ when are u free?

    • nicolekhong

      Hi! im free at the west area boon lay or lakeside everyday (:
      for other area from boon lay to bugis only on certain days.. may not be so soon (:

      sms me at 94566401 for fast replies ^_^

  6. Spencer

    Hi, Im new to this site, but i see there a bakura cosplay aswell as a duel disk and a ring for sale. How would i go about to purchase them?

    • xbrenhimex

      hello 🙂 if you are overseas (not living in Singapore) we will mail the costume, ring and duel disk to you 🙂 payment will be by paypal.
      if you’re local, we do meetups 🙂


  7. Asai Tomoko

    excuse me, i’d like to ask about ayanami rei costume..
    how about the size? and can you ship to indonesia?
    thanks before.. 😀

    • xbrenhimex

      it fits size S to M 🙂
      and yes we can ship to indonesia 🙂


      • Asai Tomoko

        can i have the details of size? i’m afraid i don’t fit with it. ;___;
        anyway, how much will it be if you added the shipping cost?

      • xbrenhimex

        chest, waist and hips : 82 ,67,79
        shoulder width : 38
        you will have to plus a few cm cause the costume is quite lose for her 🙂
        and for shipping costs, we will have to weigh it before we can confirm the price.
        also, there is a choice between shipping by air or by sea. (air being more expensive but its faster )
        so we can’t confirm shipping prices with you now. sorry 😦


  8. Asai Tomoko

    ok then, i will check the size first & will inform you immediately about it. thank you~ X3

    • xbrenhimex

      will be looking forward to your reply,
      thank you 🙂


  9. xbrenhimex

    its size M-L 🙂

  10. Shawlax

    Im interested in the bakura millenium ring for 35 –

    Do you have a clearer / closer pic of it + how much for shipping to england,

  11. shawlax

    Hi i wish to buy bakuras ring –

    Can you email

    also do you have a better picture of the ring itself ta

    • nicolekhong

      hi (: the bakura ring has been sold ): i’m extremely sorry that we don’t have another one to sell it to you. but if you’re interested you could email us as she may have a way of getting them. price would be then up to her to decide. (:

  12. sohsoh

    Hi, I was wondering if I can have the measurements for both sei/zhao yun and rei from neon. And can you calculate shipping costs to united states?

    • nicolekhong

      hi! here are the measurements:

      chest 80
      waist 67
      hips 80

      we will calculate the shipping for u after u confirm your order ^_^ thank u!

  13. Kat

    How exactly do I go about e-mailing about the Bakura wig? That’s the main thing I’m looking for, aside from the Millenium Ring. My biggest concern is the wig, however.

    • nicolekhong

      u email she owns the bakura wig. (:

  14. nana

    Is the sei/zhao yun costume still available ?

  15. nicolekhong

    Hi! zhao yun has just been sold. so sorry! do take a look at other costumes! 😀 cheers!

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