Vocaloid – Scarlet Dragon

Posted On July 10, 2010

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photo by kurimi

Costume prices:

Kaito – $140 [[SOLD]]

Gakupo – $140 [[SOLD]]

Len – $150

Rin – $150 [[SOLD]]

Gloves @ $3 each

Wigs sold separately under wig section and Boots available at misc section

5 Responses to “Vocaloid – Scarlet Dragon”

  1. Mirai L

    Is Len’s Costume still available?

    • nicolekhong

      Hi! yes it is still available. emailed you (:

  2. Charmaine

    Hi^^ has already ordered my sandplay costume and is short of th gloves and is wondering if you are still selling the rin gloves ^^~ if not,, it’s okay^^

    • nicolekhong

      hi! the rin costume was sold tog with the gloves so they r not available anymore.. sorry!!

      • Charmaine

        it’s okay~ thanks a lot ((: and where did u buy th gloves from??:)

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